Avocado with shrimp tails 18€
Sea scallops with garlic 21€
Oeufs en cocotte paysanne 18€
Stuffed mussels à la Provencale 18€
King prawns flambéed in rum 21€
Parmesan ravioli with soft boiled egg and julienne stripped coppa 18€
Main courses
Red mullet fillet sautéed in olive oil 22€
Zander steak unilateral cooked 22€
Poached ray wing with capers 21€
Fish cooked “according to my mood” 21€
Beef fillet with black pepper or morels 24€
Veal liver à la meunière 20€
Veal cutlet sautéed in morel sauce 23€
Pork fillet grandmother style 21€
Cheese platter with salad 8€
Tartlet “according to my mood” 8€
Ice cream 8€
Molten chocolate cake flavoured with orange, mandarine sorbet 8€
Hazelnut crème brûlée, caramelised pear and crumble 8€
Coco fresh raspberry 8€